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Questions To Consider Before Creating Your Web Site

By Mark Idzik

When you start planning a web site, it's important to explore the options available to you. You should have established objectives -- exactly what you want to accomplish with your site. These questions will give you ideas and answers to inquiries from web development firms, or your company's management, when you develop your on-line strategy.

You'll note each section has a input section below it. Use this area to answer your questions, then hit submit and you will receive a copy of this report with your answers via email. Use this report to plan your web site on your own, or with a web developer of your choice.

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  • What is the goal of the web site? Do you want to gather leads, make sales, provide customer service or better public relations?

  • What is the company's budget for an on-line presence?

  • What is the company's current client demographic?

  • What unique products and/or services does the company offer that most others don't?

  • Does the company have proprietary information or unique method of doing business it could make available online to distinguish itself from other sites?

  • Does the company currently have or can it acquire a computer related product (software, template, downloadable images, etc.) that it can use as a giveaway at the site to encourage initial visits and return visits?

  • What information on the site could be regularly updated and how does the company plan to keep it updated (internally vs. using consultant)?

  • Who is the company's target market?

  • Does any other company share that same market? Are they online? If yes, what is their strategy?

  • Does the company want to sell directly from the internet, generate leads to convert by mail/phone or provide customer service? Or something completely different?

  • If the company wants to sell directly, does the company have credit card merchant account status?

  • If yes, does the company want to fulfill orders in-house, have vendors drop ship or contract this service out?

  • If the company can deliver over the internet (primarily information, books, audio, video, graphics) does it have the mechanism to control distribution?

  • Does the company want to establish a mailing list and send updates to the list when new information or additions are made to site?

  • Can the company publish Frequently Asked Question guides, Price Lists, or other frequently requested information to save distribution and customer service costs?

  • Can the company create a "resource" area for its marketplace? Provide additional information outside or related to its product or service to distinguish publish Frequently Asked Question guides, Price Lists, or other frequently requested information to save distribution and customer service costs?

  • Can the company use email as an additional means of communicating with clients and save money?

  • Can the company use email to mail to an existing client base, prospect base or "qualified" email list?

  • Does the company have in-house personnel with expertise to develop the site? Or should the company contract with a professional web design firm?

  • Does the company currently have images, graphics and pictures of company products and/or services that can be used or converted for use on the web? If not, would these need to be created?

  • Does the company have a preliminary outline (or ideas) of how their web site would flow? If yes, how?

  • What name would the company use for a domain? Company name (or abbreviation) or a name related to the category or product/service offered? (26 character maximum - characters or numbers and the "-")

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   In addition to these questions, you may have the need to evaluate web development firms. Feel free to preview our report: "How To Evaluate A Web Developer".

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